This blog provides a platform for UK Labour members and activists to present ideas for renewing Labour. The blog does not represent any one faction or tradition in the Labour Party, although it aims to create a space for centre-left thinkers who believe in pragmatism as well as radicalism. We try, as far is possible, to avoid discussing individual Labour figures, and instead favour discussing big ideas about how to get Labour back into power.

Social democracy is in crisis. In Britain, the centre-left is suffering from successive failures to respond to a changing world. Following nearly every economic crisis since the Second World War, the left in Britain has appeared paralysed, while the right has reacted with speed to establish ever-greater cultural and political hegemony.

In a world being rapidly buffeted and pulled apart by the dynamic forces of globalisation, politics in Britain and elsewhere is becoming increasingly polarised. While the right is proving both opportunistic (think of Brexit and Donald Trump) and fairly united (especially on the seminal issues of immigration and austerity), the left appears increasingly fractured.

Labour itself has been engaged in a bitter civil war since it was crushed in the 2015 General Election. Some commentators, and even many prominent Labour Party figures, have predicted Labour’s doom. On this blog, however, we aim to provide scope for the ideas, the passion and the radicalism of Labour members to prove that prediction wrong.

“I tell you, it is the Labour Party or nothing.” ~ Nye Bevan.